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How to Sell Your Highly-Appreciated Home Tax-Free (or Almost)
It’s been 10 years since Congress brought us the homeowner gain exclusion deduction — one of the most powerful and useful tax-saving tools ever given to homeowners. FULL STORY->
HUD Expects FHA Bill to Move
FHA Commissioner Brian Montgomery outlines the arguments he plans to use to convince lawmakers that the Bush Administration’s plans for modernizing his agency won’t hurt the government, the people it is trying to reach or the private sector players that might loose business to the FHA. Lew Sichelman reports from last week’s National Association of Home Builders’ convention. FULL STORY->
Appealing HOA Paint
Painting is often one a homeowner association’s most frequent and expensive repairs. Failure to paint properly has dire consequences. FULL STORY->
Cupid Aims At High-Density Housing
Close-in living turns high density housing into love nests for those who want their satisfaction served up close to home, but breakups can linger in the common areas FULL STORY->
Tax Benefits of Real Estate Ownership
If you rely on media coverage during the RRSP season for an appreciation of the value of real estate ownership, you might be misled into believing that, while a house or condominium is useful as a place to keep your stuff, real estate carries little significant tax benefit. PJ Wade clarifies additional financial gain buyers and property owners may earn from their real estate. FULL STORY->
The Hidden Costs of Predatory Takings
A new economic study says that taking private property to boost local tax revenues is likely to create just the opposite effect. Columnist Peter G. Miller explains. FULL STORY->
Consumers Jittery, Confused About Home Prices
Consumers appear jittery about a longer term prospect of home price declines and somewhat confused about home price declines in the near future FULL STORY->
Ask George & Chuck: Questions from Consumers
The seller cannot pay his mortgage so we cannot close? Is possession really 9/10 of the law? These questions and more in this week’s column. FULL STORY->
New Research: Worst Doesn’t Appear To Be Over
If the worst of the housing market was over, you wouldn’t know it by a spate of housing market and economic reports early this year that tell a different story. FULL STORY->
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