I needed a free home evaluation. The Agents were great and within two days, i recieved my free home evaluation.



Not only did we get a terrific offer in ten days, but they made the whole process simple and easy. The amount of time and effort that the team put into everything was impressive. We couldn’t be happier about the process and would highly recommend!


The process of selecting a Realtor can be daunting. After three interviews with Realtors, we made a good choice of selecting Jimmy Fasusi of X-Class Realtors who is also affiliated with Fairfax Realty to sell our home in Laurel! His personal attention to detail, knowledge of marketing, professionalism, and communication of what buyers are looking for with a reasonable price range were keys in getting our home sold quickly. We had lots of Buyers due to Jimmy’s creative Open Houses formats. I will highly recommend Jimmy.


It is easy searching for the perfect home in Annapolis, Maryland. After a hectic weekend searching open houses without much success, we searched the web for help. We came accross – www.x-classrealtors.com and Jimmy Fasusi. A little reluctant to hire someone that you don’t know, we found Jimmy to be very knowledgeable, professional and extremely helpful. He saved us considerable money in negotiating the final offer on the realty we purchased. We would highly recommend Jimmy Fasusi Juliana.

Jimmy Fasusi Juliana,

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