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X-Class Corporation and X-Class Realtors are looking for a Customer Development Associates to support company’s Customer Support Sales division through targeted research, cold calling, and appointment setting on behalf of business development consultants representing Agents Teams.

Essential Duties:  As a potential X-Class Realtors support team, first impression and great personalty is a must. This individual must possess superior customer service skills in order create long-lasting, positive, and productive relationships that are conducive to our mission statement and sales goals.  This is accomplished by a well-honed ability to research prospecting, cold call, overcome objections, and set face-to-face appointments for our business development consultants.  Finally, the ability to organize, follow up, and maintain a continuous watch on multiple calling accounts is essential to productivity and results.

Aspects of Job:

  • Candidate must be self-motivated and goal driven, continually aspiring to meet or exceed company and department goals.
  • As a potential customer’s first impression of X-Class Realtors, your position and expectations have the highest of standards that directly affect the company’s overall success and business goals.
  • Candidate must be comfortable and productive spending majority of work day sitting at a workstation making dozens of cold calls to  prospective clients, day in and day out.
  • Candidate must remain focused and professional at all times when engaged with potential customers even when the potential customer has taken a negative, derogatory, or threatening tone.
  • Candidate must understand, respect, and comply with all department standards and guidelines related to all processes and laws that govern the industries related to our business.

Candidate must be flexible to work outside of standard Monday through Friday business hours as needed and within reason, e.g., starting work as early as 7:00 AM Eastern Time or finishing as late at 7:00 PM Eastern Time, not to exceed 40 hours per work week.

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